Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements needed to be part of your funding program?

To get started and be a part of our funded traders team all you need is to secure your funding program with a one-time sign-up fee and be over 18 years old.

Is Mass Capitals an established prop firm?

Mass Capitals has been in business since the start of 2022 and is well known worldwide. We provide fully loaded funding accounts built for traders, you won’t get our trader experience and support anywhere else.

When can I start getting paid on the instant program?

Instant payment upon reaching a 10% profit target, with profits calculated from day one.

Do you monitor trades at all times?

We have an automated system that monitors all accounts and trades.

Why should I join Mass Capitals?

Mass Capitals provides an opportunity for traders to leverage their success and build accelerated capital while being rewarded through our funding programs. If you are a profitable trader then we have the all in one solution for you.

Can I use an EA and Copy Traders?

Yes, we allow the use of any Expert Advisors.

Can I use a trade copier?

Yes, you are allowed to copy trades from a non Mass Capitals account to a Mass Capitals account,

Do I need to use a stoploss on all my trades?

You do not necessarily need to use a stop loss on all your trades.

Do you allow all kinds of strategies?

Yes, all trading styles are welcome but a trade needs to be open for at least 30 seconds.

If a trade is opened by mistake and closed within 30 seconds then the trader won’t be punished, but if it is part of the traders strategy then it could lead to a termination.

What is the leverage?

The leverage is up to 1:100.

Do you allow hedging and HFT?

Yes, all trading styles are welcome.

Can I trade during major news?

Yes, we allow our traders to trade during news events.

Can I hold trades over the weekend?

Yes, there is no time limit to trade durations, and we allow the trader to hold trades over weekends.

Can I hold trades overnight?

Yes! There is no time limit to trade durations, and we allow the trader to hold trades overnight.

Inactivity of 30 days

Traders will need to execute and close a trade at least every 30 days. If the trading account goes dormant for 30 days or more Mass Capitals/The broker reserves the right to terminate the account.

Which instruments am I allowed to trade?

You can use all the instruments available in your watchlist. This includes Forex, Commodities, Indices and cryptocurrencies.

Do I need to be consistent in my trades?

No, consistency in trades is not an absolute requirement.

I’ve passed, when will I get my payout?

Your payout is calculated from day 1, and you can receive it instantly upon reaching the 10% profit target.

How long do I have to complete my evaluation?

There are no maximum trading days, you can take as long as you need to reach the target.

When will I receive my funded account details?

After completing the sign-up process, you should receive your account details within an hour during our business hours to your e-mail. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder in case it was mistakenly delivered there.

I’ve hit my milestone target, what now?


You can request a payout from your dashboard now! Payout button will appear on your dashboard after 1-2 hours.

Do you have a minimum trading days / positions requirement?

No, we no longer have any minimum trading day’s requirement. As soon as you hit your milestone target, you will be eligible for a pay-out and more funding responsibility.

How many programs can I sign up to simultaneously?

We allow traders to have up to a maximum of 3 active accounts simultaneously.

I’ve accidentally violated a rule, what happens now?

We will receive an alert and we will monitor the account closely and get in touch with you if you violate the rules frequently. If the trader persists to violate the rules, we will have to step in and terminate the account.

What are your payment methods for pay-outs?

We use Bank Transfer, Wise and Crypto as our pay-outs.

How can I request my pay-out?

All traders can request their pay-outs via the Traders Dashboard. A pay-out button will appear on your metrics page in your dashboard when you are eligible to withdraw.

I’ve submitted my pay-out, when will I get paid?

Please allow up to 2 working days for the pay-out to be processed. Crypto and Wise payouts are instant.

Can I get a refund?

You can get a refund if you have not placed a single trade on your funded account and the refund request should be sent within 48 hours of signing up to support@masscapitals.com.

What is the profit split?

We offer an 90% profit share from day one on all our programs.

Which brokers are available for use?

We currently utilize RoboForex and Eightcap. Please note that the broker assigned to you is randomly selected; you cannot choose your broker.